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The Lion King 2023

Buy your tickets!
Tickets are $7.00.
You can buy tickets
at the school
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The Lion King
May 19 7:00pm
May 20, 2:00pm & 7:00pm






This is our big week!


We will have rehearsal every day this week until 6:00pm. This will allow us to go through the whole show with lights, props, and sets.


We would love for one or two parents to assist us with monitoring the children and help give them snacks during these long rehearsals. If you are able to volunteer, please text Mr. Cretinon at 917 353 2262. Thanks.


These will be long days. 


The children will work on their assignments in homeroom and study hall, but might not be able to complete all their assignments in school, and might be too tired to complete them at home. 


The most important thing is to complete their book reading. Please send a note with your child if they can’t complete all their assignments.


On Friday, children in the cast can stay in school until the show, or can come back at 5:00pm at the latest.


On Saturday children should arrive at 12:00pm. They can stay between the two shows or come back at 5:00pm.


We would also love to have some help with ticketing, feeding the children, and monitoring them.


Don’t forget to buy your tickets, either at school or online HERE. If you want to come to all the show and if the cost is an issue, please talk to Mr. Cretinon or Mrs. Grier. We want to make sure we have enough seats for all families and friends.


Looking forward to celebrating the work of our students!


Mr. Cretinon
917 353 2262


Lion King 1 Lion King 2  Lionk King 6 Lion King 4 Lion King 5 Lion King 3

The cast and crew of The Lion King have rehearsal every week on Monday and Wednesday at 3:45 until 5:15pm.

Bring your book!



We need help!

You may donate snack or money for snacks as the cast gets hungry before we start the rehearsals.

We need help with costumes, and to sell tickets.


The Songs

Here is a link to the tracks of the show so you can practice the songs at home (you have to use your school Google account).

The Lion King Rehearsal 01 The Lion King Rehearsal 02 The Lion King Rehearsal 03 The Lion King Rehearsal 04

The Cast (as of 2/6/2023)

Aidan              Ensemble

Alliana            Ensemble

Alura               Ensemble

Amariah          Zazu

Atiya              Ed

Bella              Ensemble

Damani           Ensemble

Gabriel          Timon

Jamal              Ensemble

Joshua            Ensemble

Lemuel           Ensemble

Lucas              Simba

Malik              Scar

Megan          Ensemble

Merlyanne      Ensemble

Musa              Come see Ms. Rogers!

Nadia            Ensemble

Neriah            Ensemble

Nzingha         Ensemble

Ramata          Rafiki

Raquel           Nala

Sekou            Ensemble

Sharon           Ensemble

Temilayo        Banzai

Ulani             Sarabi

Valerie            Ensemble

Zahina            Ensemble

Zane               Ensemble

Zaria               Come see Ms. Rogers!


Ensemble includes Villagers, Animals (Hyenas, Lionesses, Wildebeests), and Ancestors