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State Assessments

September 2021


During the 2021-2022 school year two sets of state-mandated academic tests are required.

Between October 4 and October 22, all students took Start Strong assessments in ELA, Math, and Science. These were online-only assessments of 45 to 60 minutes in each of the three subjects. We sent you the results alongside their first term report cards. More information is available here.

Between April 25 and June 3, all students will take the regular NJSLA in ELA, Math, while 5th and 8th graders will also take the NJSLA science test. These are online assessments with a paper option for students whose IEP requires it. ELA and Math assessments each take 180 minutes, while the science assessment requires 135 minutes. More information is available here (Office of Assessments page) and here (Assessment Calendar).

NJSLA Spring 2022

April 26-29

May 2, 4-6

May 9-13

May 16-20

May 23-27

May 30-June 3

ELA & Math 4/5th

ELA & Math 5/6th

ELA & Math 6/7th

ELA & Math 7/8th

Science 5/8th

Make-up tests.