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Supplies List

Here is what you need to bring on the first day of school:


NotebookComposition notebooks (5)

Do not write your name on these notebooks. We gather all the notebooks and the teachers will hand them out as needed in class.



pencilsPencils (20 or more)

We prefer boxes of sharpened pencils. We will store them and teachers will hand them out in class as needed.


Tissue BoxTissue Boxes (5)

We will store them and teachers will hand them out in class as needed.


The school will provide all other supplies.


Here is what you need to bring every day:


  • Sharpened pencils and a personal, non-electric, sharpener
  • Your notebooks, and any other materials and packets given by your teachers. Once a packet or assignment has been graded and revised, there is no need to bring it back.
  • A refillable water bottle. The school is no longer using water fountains. We only have a water bottle-filling station.
  • If we distribute all the chromebooks, you will need to bring it to school everyday and make sure you charge it at night.

School Kit (If we have to go back to hybrid teaching)

Students who are coming to the school building will not be able to borrow or exchange supplies. So they need to bring their "school kit" when they come to school.
Here is what all students, at-home and in-school, need to have for their daily work:
Chromebook and earphones
Supplies you provide
The following supplies can be provided by the school:
Supplies we can provide
We suggest the students who will come to the school building have a container to put their supplies:
Box to carry the supplies