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Writing Workshop is a place where students learn all aspects of writing, from following the writing process to learning the rules of grammar and punctuation, delve into multiple genres, from historical fiction to essays to poetry, and engage in a workshop setting where students share their work with peers, forming a community of writers.
This fall, students will generate ideas for long historical fiction stories using several strategies, structure their stories using various techniques, develop complex characters with distinct points of view during revision, and proofread after practicing spelling word sorts, to arrive a published high-quality piece of fiction writing. During the winter, students will write personal essays about their relationship with the city of Newark, learning about structure and developing voice, and write literary essays, where through close reading of texts, will find evidence, synthesize, and analyze information in an essay form. During the spring, students will write a collection of original poetry that reflect knowledge of poetic forms, from odes to elegies to free verse, and techniques, from simile and metaphor to irony and symbolism.