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Vision & Core Values

We build a learning community in which our students gain the ability to understand their world and realize they can have an impact on this world starting now. Our students develop themselves and discover their voice in a safe environment, in which all feel welcome and needed.


The Discovery community is one in which the students develop the literacy, numeracy, scientific, and artistic skills needed to discover and express their vision. The adults in the community will cultivate their intellectual curiosity and support them in acquiring the confidence, the courage, the collaboration skills and the work habits necessary to pursue their vision of the world.


The educators partner with the families of our children to support their efforts, demand their best, share their love of life, and keep fun in the learning.


Discovery is the center of a community that includes parents, teachers, students, and community leaders who work together to realize this vision. Maintaining the integrity of our work toward this vision is the responsibility of each member.  


Together, we create a new story of what learning can be, as inspired by its founders.


Core Values

Ask questions.

Make it happen.

Consider others.