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Techology Support

All Policies, procedures and guidelines are being updated to include the fundamentals of 21st Century Education and Information & Technology Skills and be consistent with our current technology mission and corresponding technology plan.


As a result of ongoing technology planning, Discovery Charter School seeks to progressively outfit our learning space by integrating technology throughout the curriculum. All learning areas have ceiling-mounted WiFi routers that provide for administrative and guest access. Many of our areas are also equipped with teacher laptops and interactive SMART Boards. ChromeBooks, projectors and related equipment are available for instructional utilization. Various peripherals including digital cameras and microphone headsets are also available for instructional use.


Discovery teachers have access to a variety of options for technology professional development and selected tools for both formative and summative assessment. Additional software and web-based tools are available for teaching and learning. Multiple staff meetings are conducted to determine instructional and professional development needs throughout the school year. Classroom teachers integrate a variety of technology tools to support both their content area curriculum and the Information and a plan for sustainable funding is under development, and Discovery will leverage available shared services to save money, time, and staffing. Maximum use of E-Rate opportunities has been initiated to supplement funding for the infrastructure as well as exploration of options for grants and partnerships within the business community. Funding alternatives such as parent/school shared purchasing or “Bring Your own Device” models are also being considered.