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What is due tomorrow?

We have all our assignments and grades displayed in Google Classroom.
The best way for you to follow your child work is to log in your child's classrooms.  You can even install Google Classroom on your phone and log in as your child.
Download Google Classroom
The most important feature for you will be the To-do feature.
The to-do feature
When you click on to-do, you will see three tabs:
1. Assigned.
This tab allows you to see the assignments that your child has to complete in the next days or weeks.  It is the same as the Work Assignment sheet we use to print everyday.
2. Missing
This tab allows you to see assignments that your child has not completed or not turned in. You might also see assignments that were returned by the teacher because the assignment was not satisfactory.
Missing assignments
3. Done
This tab allows you to see assignments that your child turned in.  You can click on one assignment to look at it before it is graded.
You can also see assignments that have been graded, and there might be comments from the teachers.
Assignments turned in
You can also use the calendar feature of Google classroom, which is another way of seeing the assignments your child has for the next days or weeks.