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COVID Information

Test Results or vaccination card
Please update us when your child gets Covid vaccination shots, so we can make the appropriate quarantine recommendations.
The Department of Health latest sets of recommendations for schools is here. We are now following the Test to Stay protocol as explained here.



Parents can now check the Covid test results of their child directly on the Concentric website. If you registered your child online, you should have received an email on May 20, 2022. Please follow the directions to register so you can retrieve your child's results.


We only call or text families of children who test positive and families of children who were exposed. If your child was tested and you don't hear from us, it means your child tested negative. You can always contact us if you have a question.

  • 6/3/2022: 5 children –> no new positive cases
  • 6/2/2022: 12 adults & 84 children –> 1 new positive case
  • 5/26/2022: 12 adults & 95 children –> no new positive cases
  • 5/23/2022: 9 children –>no new positive cases
  • 5/22/2022: 1 adult tested positive during the weekend.
  • 5/19/2022: 12 adults & 87 children –> 1 new positive case
  • 5/12/2022: 11 adults & 90 children –> no new positive cases
  • 5/5/2022: 10 adults & 99 children –> no new positive cases
  • 4/28/2022: 12 adults & 94 children–> no new positive cases
  • 4/25/2022: 10 adults & 89 children –> 2 new positive cases
  • 4/14/2022: 14 adults & 94 children tested: 2 new positive cases
  • 4/7/2022: 16 adults & 94 children –> no new positive cases
  • 3/31/202: 13 adults & 97 children –> no new positive cases
  • 3/24/2022: 14 adults & 92 children tested –> no new positive cases
  • 3/17/2022: 14 adults & 97 children tested –> no new positive cases
  • 3/10/2022: 13 adults & 97 children tested –> no new positive cases
  • 3/3/2022 Tested 13 adults & 90 children –> no new positive cases
There were a total of 33 known positive cases since January 3, 2022.

Latest COVID numbers for Northeast New Jersey, for Essex County (from Covid ActNow and from the CDC), Newark (from Essex County's website), Newark (city's website), and the NYT.



Covid TestingWe are working with Concentric to provide twice-a-week saliva-based PCR testing.

If you didn't register your child yet, please do so at this link: online consent form. The school code is CDLP9F. Having your child tested, makes it safer for all the other students.


Testing Consent Form

​​You may find other free COVID testing sites in Newark and around:






This article from The New York Times explains the updated guidelines for isolation and quarantine.Isolation period

You can also look at the slides that we shared during our last Parents Circle meeting on January 9, 2022.

Starting on February 1st, children above 12 need to receive a booster in order to be considered fully vaccinated.




VaccinationThe COVID vaccine has been approved for children 5 and older. 


You can take an appointment to get your child vaccinated at Essex County College located a couple blocks from Discovery. The COVID vaccination is free.


Other free vaccination sites in Newark (St. James Health), from the NJ site, and from the Federal vaccination site.





These are the latest recommendations from the NJ Department of health for schools. (as of 01/19/2022)


If a health emergency were to force us to close the school for more than three days, we would switch to remote learning, according to our Emergency Virtual or Remote Instruction Plan.