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This Wednesday October 24, the children started blocking the first scene of their musical.

Lunch Unicorn Conversation

There are many ways to enjoy a pleasant and peaceful lunch. Tabitha, Masaida, and Fatihah were conversing about unicorns... and drew some.

School Closed

Due to inclement weather Discovery is closed on Thursday, January 31, 2019.

Drawing Better Essays

Mr. Pyle, our visual art teacher, Mr. Kruvant, our writing teacher, have paired up and invited our students to draw a visual representation of the structure of their essays.

Recycling Poster Contest

Last June the city of Newark selected the posters of two of our students who participated in a contest to create posters about recycling.

Bullying and the Power of Kindness

2011 Lifetime Achievement Award from International Performing Arts for Youth recipient and one-man storyteller, David Gonzalez wows Discovery with his take on bullying and how to overcome it.
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