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Five Students Participate in Design Day at the Newark Museum

This year the challenge was to create a design and present a model for Washington Park.
Here is Ousmane's report:
On Friday we started off by getting to know each other and put out all or our ideas down for the park.  I think that if we did not start to try and get to know each other, we would not feel safe to put out our ideas.  Then we went outside so we could get a look at the park and its layout.  Afterward we went back inside and we got right to work.  We all had different jobs.  One person was working on our speech, I was working on the design of the park, and the three other members of my team worked on modeling all the equipment in the park.
I feel that we all contributed to the project.
Then came the hard part of the presentation.  My team went up first. I think everyone was a little bit scared but we just got over it.  Then at the end of the day we had a little party and they let the citizens in so they could vote on our projects.  My team did not win but my other classmates did so I was happy.