Discovery Charter School

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Bullying and the Power of Kindness

As the students filed into the gymnasium, they had no idea what was in store for the afternoon. The anticipated chit-chat ensued, and then Mr. David Gonzalez arrived. He surprisingly began with an menacing silence and then a sound. It had began. For a little over an hour, our students and staff would be taken on journey of no return.
Jumps, twirls, punches to the face and gut, tears and agony were all on display as  Mr. Gonzalez performed a piece he entitled Mad Dog & Me. He had the students in the palm of his hand! They participated throughout with laughter, smiles, and applause, and with every word and dramatic gesture he offered their eyes never left him. Because of his honesty about his mistakes as an adolescent in a rough neighborhood, students were able to better connect and relate to his story.
He was able to reach those who were victims, witnesses, or possibly bullies themselves and urge them to change their actions and responses to bullying. The staff participated with the raising of their hands and nods to assure the students that they had their own experiences with bullying. Mr. Gonzalez is indeed a gifted story teller and we enjoyed participating in an interactive and entertaining character building experience.