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Portfolio Conferences: First Edition (2021)

In April 2021, all 6th graders held their first Portfolio Conferences.  For each discipline, students put together an assignment completed at the beginning of the second term, and another assignment completed at the end of the term. In a series of slides, our 6th graders reflected on what they learned, and shared what they wanted to keep working on.


Once their slides were ready, each of the 6th graders met with at least one parent and one teacher. Students led the conversations about their work. Parents and teachers were there to listen and ask questions. Here are some examples of students slides:



Work sampleSample Work

 Slide 1


While 6th graders were the only students leading conferences with their families and teachers, all the other students also completed portfolio slides and shared their reflections with their peers during homeroom.


To conclude the process, we held an assembly where students and teachers shared what they had learned from creating these portfolios and reflecting on their progress and challenges. These are some of what was shared during our assembly.