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Dance Like No One Is Watching

Dress to impress
Put your style to the test
Put on a pretty necklace
Or a bow tie
But don't act too reckless
Don't walk around like you're headless
Avoid being too pricy so you won't have to buy
Not too fancy, you don't have to impress a guy
Dance like no one's watching
Popping or locking, falling or rising
Add a little waltz, not too many faults
Dominate with those cool, funky moves
Boogie walk, with those swing blues
Tango like a banjo on the road
Straight face, serious mode
Merengue, not like the pie
Not like math, when you simplify
Heel toe Polka to Buffalo and Mexico
Where you make bread, and roll dough
So many dances
Very funny prances
Taking very many chances
As much of an advance
I'd love to take that chance
Sahar S.