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Discovery Students Explore Architecture and Design at NJIT

On September 23, Schools That Can Newark, in partnership with the school of Architecture at NJIT, hosted the Design Day Challenge where Newark students and corporate volunteers designed plans for a real-life development project presented by The Newark Community Economic Development Corporation. Students from 6 different schools alongside NJIT students, and corporate volunteers had to build 3D models for a barge that will float in front of the soon to be built new waterfront park.  Their design had to incorporate both indoor and outdoor space with either an art or science theme. One team came up with the idea of having a recording studio a bit like the story corps booth of NPR but for music.  Many students wanted to honor famous artists that grew up in Newark.

Here's what one of our students had to say about their time at NJIT:
" NJIT is a place where students can go and reconstruct a place that they think they can make better.
As soon as you walk into NJIT you see a big group of people which makes you feel comfortable.You will get separated into different groups with different people and you would get a category. For example, art or science. When you go into your group everyone introduces themselves and talk about a time when art or science became a big part in their lives.

As you start to get into your subject you have a mission to complete. Ours is to recreate a place on a barge that would be fun for adults and children. NJIT gives us cotton, legos, paper, glue, markers and coloring pencils to create our project.

When we are finished with our project, we all have to present to the judges. If you receive a reward such as best presentation award or the best looking project your project is presented at another place, such as a museum.

People had a lot of fun and a great experience at NJIT because they got to put their own touch on things that you think that would make the world better. " 
- Zebrai, 7th grade