Our Best Work

"This shows that I can explain my ideas using research from the materials presented. I had to do it over and over to get 100 but it was so worth it! If you keep going back to the work, you are going to make it."
" I went back to the text instead of just Googling it. It showed my teachers that I could use my background knowledge."
"Art is a great way to express my emotion. I don't just draw because I like it, but when you have to stay home all the time, it helps me express what I feel."
"I enjoyed this Geography assignment because we could choose any place we wanted, and then explain why it was the best place to build a hotel."
"If you don't procrastinate, you can ask the teacher for help before you submit the assignment."
"When I completed this assignment, I used some of my family's history. I was able to cite examples from my family."
"I can be a procrastinator. Often when you procrastinate, it is because you are scared of the work. My advice is that you should not let yourself be intimidated by a long piece of writing. Just get started; eventually the difference pieces will come together and it will flow."
These are some of the bits of wisdom our students shared during our assembly concluding our first term.
We have been through a lot, and our students had to carry a lot of worries, a lot of disappointments, and sometimes a lot of responsibilities:
" I am the oldest of 5 siblings, and I am the one keeping them in line and helping them with all I can. I take care of them every day when my mom and step dad go to work. I show them love and care even though they can be rude and annoying sometimes! I love them."
We acknowledged the challenges, but celebrated all the efforts, all the work, all the dedication, and all the joy that comes from building a learning community and challenging ourselves to a great education.
Best Work