Discovery Charter School

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Visual & Performing Arts

The study of art naturally calls for direct hands-on exploration. As such, the arts educators at Discovery, Ms. Siocain, and Mr. Seth, endeavor to establish fearless receptiveness of creativity—the student's own and that of others—as they learn to make art and develop creative ideas. Through independent curriculums, the teachers introduce various methods and materials for the creation of art, while concepts and history of art are introduced through discussions, vocabulary, and slide shows.
In Fall, Ms. Siocain established a formal approach to value, contrast, proportion, grids and pattern, through presentations, discussion and in-class exploration. Creative projects included the use of grids to copy or alter the proportions of an existing image; counter-change patterns to create abstract illusions, animation and a number of interactive spinning illusions. With deepening understanding, discussions seek to understand and appreciate the features of art that excite the visual receptors and functions of the human brain. In Spring, Ms. Siocain will embark on three-dimensional explorations with simple materials. Projects will include pop-up pages and paper sculptures.
Since Fall, Mr. Seth has been cultivating strong drawing skills at Discovery. Students work from reference materials and direct observation as they learn about the design elements of art such as line, shape, volume, mass, contour and gesture. Course content includes analysis of shape and form through anatomy and still life. In Spring, Mr. Seth's curriculum will introduce painting and explorations of color as students develop and deepen their abilities and awareness of art.