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Discovery from Home

Sunday 9/14 update
The first class of the day starts at 9:00 am but your child can start logging in around 8:30 am in our G-Orientation class.

Starting Friday we will always begin the day in our homeroom classes.
  • Students have to use their real names on Zoom. If they don't or change it during class, teachers will remove them. That is how we prevent intruders to come in our classZooms.
  • Students need to stay in their classZoom even if there is no conversation going on.
  • Students need to keep their cameras on and be in a well-light area so we can see their face.
  • We ask that parents do not appear on their children's camera.  We want to see your child's work. That's how we get to know them, their strengths, and their challenges.
  • Students submit their assignments only after it is completed. Blank assignments will receive a missing mark.
September 8, 2020
Orientation ClassThe first class starts at 9:00.
On Tuesday 9/8, you need to log into your  DCS Orientation class before 9:00 am.
You need to be dressed in school dress code, have your school supplies ready, and turn your camera on when you log in to your classZoom.
ClassZoom links
The links to your classZooms will be available in your Orientation class or from the school links in your bookmarks.
What is due tomorrow?
Do you have homework for the next day?  Check the To-do link in Google classroom. This page explains you how to do.