School Leader's Message

August 2020

Dear families, welcome to a new school year!


We are starting this new school year with more questions than answers. Whether we are students, parents, or teachers, we all have to reinvent our roles and figure out how to uphold our responsibilities.

We have worked very hard to re-create a school environment that would be safe to welcome some of our children and our teachers.  Yet, there will be no guarantee that we are 100% safe.

Our students have to learn how to participate in this hybrid environment, how to manage their time, and how to produce work of high quality.

Parents have to be teachers and parents.

Teachers have to become very comfortable with technology so that it doesn’t become a barrier or a distraction from creating meaningful relationships with their students.

My main focus is to make sure that despite all the obstacles, our children do learn and grow academically in a safe and nurturing environment.

This situation forces us all to re-learn how to be students, parents, or teachers.

Despite the facts that we can’t meet in person easily, please stay in close contact with us.  Call, text, email, zoom, and let us know how your children are doing, and how we can improve on what we have. Let’s continue being a community.

Thanks for your trust and support,


Denis Cretinon