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Michelle's Bio

Michelle Spencer is a native New Yorker whose parents emigrated from Trinidad and Saint Lucia.  She earned her Bachelor's Degree in English from York College, the City University of New York (CUNY) and her Master's in English from Brooklyn College.  Michelle is currently working on her teacher certification in New Jersey for ELA and will complete her Special Education certification thereafter.  
Before joining Discovery, Michelle served as an educator of interdisciplinary studies within the Department of Youth and Community Development’s Young Adult Literacy Program in Brooklyn, New York. There, she served youth ages 16-24 earning their High School Equivalency (HSE) Diploma. She also served as an ELA Special Education Teacher for grades 9-12 at Uncommon Schools,  Later, she joined the English Department at New Visions AIM Charter High School II, a transfer school in the South Bronx.  Then, Michelle moved into an administrative role at a high school also in the South Bronx, where she coached new ELA educators of grades 9-12, created curricula and assessments, and led weekly department meetings in service of cultivating a professional learning community with research-based instructional practices that centered student achievement and holistic development.
As a curriculum writer, Michelle partnered with Columbia University's Double Discovery Center and the Institute for Urban and Minority Education to develop two projects: curriculum for their Summer Bridge Program and for their national teacher resource project called Teaching the Harlem Renaissance in the 21st Century. Michelle has also contributed to the Center for Black Educator Development's curriculum, which centers African-based pedagogical theory and practice with the goal of encouraging more Black students to become educators and servant leaders in grassroots emancipatory movements.
Before working within K-12 schools, Michelle served as an Adjunct Lecturer of English Literature, Critical Thinking, and Developmental Writing in various colleges in NYC.
When Michelle is not teaching at Discovery, she enjoys bicycling with her husband, visiting her big family, listening to Soca, singing loudly, and walking her dog Chance in her Jersey City neighborhood.