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Coming to the school building

Saturday October 3, 2020
Update on the Covid case at Discovery:
While only some students and staff members have shared a space with the person who tested positive, you should all consider that your child might have been exposed.
The following measures were taken to prevent any spread in case someone test positive:
- everyone was wearing a mask at all time except while eating and drinking,
- all students and teachers' desks are equipped with plexiglass barriers,
- the HVAC was adjusted for maximum input of fresh air and filters were replaced,
- windows were open,
- HEPA air scrubbers were running in all four teaching spaces,
- all touching surfaces, plexiglass barriers were disinfected every evening,
- children were taught to disinfect the touching surfaces in the bathroom before using a stall, and before settling at their desk,
- disinfecting spray was applied in the entire school every evening with a professional electrical sprayer,
- breakfast and lunch boxes were delivered to the students at their tables,
- families and staff were asked to complete a daily health survey every day,
- temperatures of children and staff were taken every day upon entrance and when children left the school,
- children who had any flu symptoms or were not feeling well were sent home and didn't return until approved by the nurse,
- teachers have been testing routinely.
The following two weeks are very important because we will learn whether or not these measures were effective at preventing one person from contaminating others.
If your child or someone else in your household becomes positive, please let us know right away. We will NOT share the name of anyone testing positive, but we will keep the entire school community informed if there are any additional cases we learn about.
We encourage you to contact your child's doctor, or call the Newark Department of Health to figure out when is the best time to get tested for COVID. Please answer if the tracing service calls you.
Newark Department of Health: (973)733-7600
Here are free COVID testing sites available in Newark: Covid Testing in Newark.
If you have any questions or want to share important information, please reach out to us.
Mr. Cretinon: (917)353-2262 or
Sunday September 13
Thank you for sending your children with masks and answering the daily survey early in the morning. Thank you as well for keeping children home if you have any doubts. This is how we keep everyone safe.  
We strongly encourage that someone in the household test for COVID on a regular basis. There is a walk-on testing center one block from the school at the crossroad  of Washington and Williams street.  It is free for all Newark residents. Many of the teachers go there on a weekly basis.
  • Please make sure your children follow the School dress code: dress code
  • Make sure the your child charges their Chromebook the evening before and brings it to school.
  • Make sure your child comes with sharpened pencils and a sharpener. Each time we have to hand in supplies, we increase the risk of transmission.
Thanks again for your support. Please share any questions or suggestions you have.  You can call, text, or email us at any time.
Before you go to bed
Charge your chromebook the night before. Get all your supplies ready.
Answer the daily health survey before coming to school. It will appear as a text and an email.
Daily Health Survey
If someone is dropping you off, tell them to wait until you have been screened in, and call them when you are entering the school.