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Careers at Discovery » Elementary Teacher 4th-8th - Replacement for Maternity Leave

Elementary Teacher 4th-8th - Replacement for Maternity Leave

Elementary Teacher 4th-8th - Replacement for Maternity Leave
240 Halsey Street, Newark, NJ
Who are we?
Discovery is a small, non-traditional public charter school serving 100 children from fourth to eighth grade in Newark, New Jersey. Our school was founded in 1999 by two veteran public school teachers, guided by the principle of building on students’ natural curiosity to help them develop life-long learning skills and work habits. We train our students to be critical, creative, and reflective thinkers, effective writers, in order to become active citizens. Discovery has a solid track record of proficiency on state tests, and many of our graduates have obtained scholarships to go on to the best high schools in the area.
Our learning environment is an open schoolhouse setting and includes frequent mixed-grade instruction and cross-curricular learning activities. Our pedagogical emphasis is on active learning. Within our lessons, we create learning situations that encourage our students to explore and tinker, to think, to make sense of what they observe, and to support their positions with evidence.
At Discovery, children are active members of our school community. They express their ideas, tutor younger children, and share communal responsibilities. Every adult in the school knows every child, and we place a high value on building close, constructive relationships with the families of all of our students. Parents/guardians are welcome in the school at any time to observe and discuss the progress of their children.
Because we are a very small school, teachers play varied roles and are involved in multiple aspects of sustaining and improving our learning community.
Who are we looking for?

You have teaching experience, preferably in an urban upper elementary or middle school;

You are able to adapt lesson plans and instructional material in order to reach clear learning goals and you provide your students with learning activities that foster exploration and critical thinking;

You have strong communication skills;

You are certified to teach in NJ or in the process of being certified.

What does working at Discovery look like?

You will work with your students on our vocabulary building program and you will support other teachers in science and Spanish classes.

You show high expectations for all children, constantly searching for ways to facilitate activities that are both accessible and challenging to all our students. You incorporate a variety of teaching strategies and use meaningful forms of assessments to adjust your instructions strategies.

You hold your students accountable, engage them in conversation about their progress, provide individual support when needed, and communicate with their families.

You participate in building a positive, constructive, and productive culture in the entire school. From building a sense of community in homeroom to monitoring students moving around during transitions, from preventing negative students interactions before they happen, to initiate a family evening, you reflect with the entire teaching team and contribute to the overall well-being of our learning community.

This is a full-time position, but there is an option to make it a half-time position.

The replacement will start on January 6, until the end of March.

Training and orientation will take place beforehand.

To apply: send a cover letter and a resume to
Start Date
Contact Denis Cretinon
Phone: 973-623-0222
Fax: 973-623-0024
240 Halsey Street, Newark, NJ 07102